Who We Are

We are a group of Christians with views and principles based on  N.T. teaching to help those in need.  Our desire is to help others do the same. We have a Christian ministry arm helping connect people with christian ministries in Southeast Asia and a humanitarian outreach arm that helps all people in need regardless of religious views.

  1. Name of this non-profit organization: “The Sower’s Hands International” or also “T.S.H.I.”
    1. It shall be established and maintained as a non-profit organization, stated by the IRS rules and entitlements.
  2. Purposes of Sowers Hands International:
    1. The Sower’s Hands International helps channel funds and materials and qualified helpers that have like-minded desires to help those in need. The Sower’s Hands International will also help other NGOs in foreign countries share in the work of  T.S.H.I.
  3. Ways in which T.S.H.I will share its views and purposes:
    1. Create, maintain, and update an internet web site.
    2. Have meetings (public and private).
    3. Will send emails and letters to those who inquire about T.S.H.I.
  4. What are or will be the organization’s sources of financial support?
    1. Main sources of finances will be donations received through individuals and other non-profit organizations.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, clarification or to talk about missions possibilities.