Where We Work

T.S.H.I feels we have a unique position of ministry we are able to help focus funds and materials and qualified helpers to areas of the world that are known first hand to us. Our major support for projects and ministry have gone into the countries of Thailand and Burma and we have friends and contacts with many works in several other Southeast Asian countries.

Southeast Asia

At T.S.H.I, we have over 16 years of overseas mission experience and in this time, we have kindled friendships and kept regular contact with ministries and individuals that are working with people groups in these areas.

If you feel you are being drawn you into overseas ministry in Southeast Asia, please contact us for help of any kind and we will try to help you reach the place you want to help. T.S.H.I. can help you with Letters of Invitation, Visas and workbooks.

If you feel you want to have T.S.H.I. help you in reaching your ministry or want to be a part of The Sowers Hands International Ministries please contact us with any questions you have.