Medical Help Program

We support a worm medicine program in Southeast Asia that arranges a bi-annual treatment plan for those in remote villages where our members are working. It costs $1.20 per treatment, so one person, twice a year amounts to $2.40 per person. The T.S.H.I. worm medicine program has the opportunity to help over 2000 people yearly.

Malaria is one of the most common diseases in Southeast Asia and is one of the world’s most active killers of men, women and children. The main reason for lack of treatment and resistant strains rising up is the lack of money to purchase the proper amount of medicine to kill the malaria parasite. We supply a complete treatment package consisting of malaria medicine, antibiotics, Tylenol, IV drip, vitamins and mosquito net if needed; we can supply this for $15 per treatment.

Dengue Fever and other types of diseases are always in need of helping hands to manage. There are constant costs for medicine and for transportation to hospitals, so there is always a need for money in this type of help. If you want to help with medical supplies in a general way just designate a general gift for medicine it will be put into the general medical fund.





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