Food Programs

Providing food and wellfare

One of the main things that take the Father or Mother and older children away from the family is lack of income. We are providing about 8 dollars of food for 3 hours of work for one day, one day a week. The normal daily wage for a laborer is from $2.50 to $4 dollars (8 to 10 hour days).

We are giving them payment in food that is equivalent to what they would be paid for two days -of work. For people at this level of income, this small aid in providing high-protein food, even if it only helps them with 5 or 6 meals a week, helps them stay together as a family.

We also help local people buy baby fish, baby chicken and fruit trees. A common way a government will help its people is to provide subsidized programs like these, as rural, agriculture improvement projects. The prices are kept low, but still not affordable for some. T.S.H.I. will therefore support these programs when an NGO or group can show proper oversight of the funds.

Donations go directly toward helping

These programs are in need of support. Please consider helping us financially by giving to one of these specific projects or to our general project fund. Just designate your gift and 100% of the money you give will go to your desired project. T.S.H.I. takes no percentage out of your donations that are slotted for specific work projects or donations given to our General Project fund. Our staff donate their time and T.S.H.I. pays for any transfer fees needed to get the money overseas to the targeted project.





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