God’s Fields

God’s fields are anywhere men are at. This is true locally or overseas. The point of missions is not just to know that there are fields, but to also participate and help somehow in those fields.

Pray and seek God’s direction in your life. You never know where God will use you. Not all are called to go far away, some must stay at nearby fields. Not all can help with material needs, but some can help. Regardless, all can pray. Please pray for laborers for the fields and where God wants you!

We know that there are many ways to help in the work of the church; going and preaching and teaching or by helping out through giving financially or using your time in more practical ways. Building a church or a home for a missionary is a great help in working together for the Gospel. Many people are using their talents that help open the hearts of others and give them hope. God can use you, so step out and see where He will lead you!

There are many ideas and plans we use to guide us in the work of the Gospel, but we want to focus your attention on some points which we should never forget as we labor in God’s fields.

We hold and proclaim that the Bible is God’s only clear blueprint as to how this work is to be done. Man’s plans and techniques for ministry are good and wise, but must be fluid in regards to the Spirit’s leading and to Scripture’s final word. Never should man’s wisdom overshadow the simple principle of trusting the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Also, success in the work of God should never be judged by outcome, outcome is not a rule by which we measure success or lack of success. We judge success in God’s work to be obedience to the Word of God, not the outcome of a ministry. As it has been from the beginning of the church, it still is today: God and God alone builds His church, not man’s plans and techniques. God’s only request of man in this matter is that he prepare himself in obedience to be a fit vessel, clean and humble in God’s eyes, and He will then use us as He sees fit. What seems to men as failure is often God’s open door and blessing. We, the church of God, walk by faith, not by sight.

The Holy Bible is God’s Word and is clearly all that is needed to win the lost for Christ. Scripture, therefore, is the beginning and end of what the Church needs to finish its work on this earth. Man’s plans and techniques should always be open to change as needed, as we fellowship with the Holy Spirit and are guided by God’s compass, the Scriptures.

We also affirm that God uses the counsel of godly men and women in our lives to help direct and encourage us in ministry and in our personal lives. Fellowship and working with godly men and women may be God’s only gift of Himself in trying times. We must value the body of Christ, God’s precious men and women, our brothers and sisters, as special gifts to us, helping to guide and strengthen us as we work together in Gods fields.

Proverbs 3:5-6 ..lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge God and He will direct your path “

These are some of our thoughts for you and we hope they have encouraged you in the Lord.