Ways to give and help T.S.H.I. with its projects.

T.S.H.I. has a general fund where we receive donations for our general work projects that help the needy in Southeast Asia. When you give to the general fund, you agree that the donation is given freely for T.S.H.I to disperse as T.S.H.I. sees fit, to any project work. We will then send you a tax deductible receipt.

The other way is to designate your giving by sending money to individuals or specific projects that T.S.H.I. sponsors. T.S.H.I. will then transfer the funds to that specific project. We will then send you a tax deductible receipt.

When donations for specific projects or for other needs are given those funds are given to the target and will receive 100% of your donation. The cost for processing is paid for by our staff as their ministry.

All donations should be given to T.S.H.I. with the knowledge that T.S.H.I. will give no work or service for the donation, as stated by IRS rules and regulations.

Mailing Addresses

Please send donations for a Missionary/Volunteer with T.S.H.I and general or specific ‘work project’ donations for The Sower’s Hands International to:

The Sower’s Hands International
8651 Wales CT
Gainesville, Va 20155


Please memo or attach note to direct your donation to your desired project or missionary/Volunteer.

For Your Information

T.S.H.I. will provide the service of transferring funds to the programs that are a part of T.S.H.I.

T.S.H.I. will also give a tax receipt and provides personal contact data about the team to you for the project you help.

T.S.H.I. will coordinate work projects and other practical help as it comes up.

Donate by credit card via PayPal

Donations for projects can also be made by credit card to our PayPal account by following the link below.

A PayPal account is not required to donate. PayPal provides a printable receipt after the donation process is completed and for those who have a PayPal account, the details will be available in their account statement.

Thank you in advance for giving!