• God's Fields

    God's Fields
    God's fields are anywhere men are at. This is true locally or overseas. The point of Missions is not just to know that there are fields but to know and then participate and help somehow in those fields.

  • Where We Work

    Where We Work
    We feel that we are able to help focus funds and materials and qualified helpers to areas of the world that are known first hand to us.

  • Teaching Skills

    Teaching Skills
    Helping others gain a skill that allows them to provide for there own needs not only gives hope but keeps them from being exploited.

  • Interested in Ministry?

    Interested in Ministry?
    Our desire at T.S.H.I. is to help those that are burdened to go and serve long term or short term in overseas Missions.

  • You Can Help

    You Can Help
    Learn how you can help through prayer, by visiting or by giving.